Knowing the Signs of a Pet Emergency in Atlanta, GA

As a pet parent, you do everything you can to give your companion the best life possible. You're not going to expect an emergency or have a clear idea of what an emergency looks like. However, being prepared and knowing what signs to look for can save you and your pet precious time. Our expert emergency team in Atlanta, GA can help you identify the signs of an emergency, so you can take immediate action to help your four-legged family member.

If you’re not sure whether your pet is having an emergency, call us now at (404) 371-9774.

Obvious Signs of a Pet Emergency

Some pet emergencies are easy to spot. If you're dealing with any of these situations, call us immediately at (404) 371-9774.

pug drooling and tongue out

Possible Signs of an Emergency Pet Owners Need to Look Out For

Some pet emergencies are not as clear-cut and easy for pet owners to define. Is the problem more, or less, serious than what it seems? See these symptoms below to learn more about how to decode them. And as always, give us a call at (404) 371-9774 if you’re not sure!


Our 24-hour emergency team is always here to help and answer your questions. Contact us at (404) 371-9774 to see what we would recommend for your pet.